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What a Pinoy Med Student should Do on the Night Before the Board Exam

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The life of a Pinoy med student exam is one filled with frequent jitters, occasional fun, and rare free times.

At this point of your journey, you are already familiar– hopefully, not best buddies– with the constant worry that never seemed to disappear.

The fact that you are here means that just a couple of minutes ago, you were looking up what to do on the eve of your most significant hurdle yet, the endpoint of four to five years, and the gate to your career path– ahh, the medical board exam.

If anxiety has a conjoined twin, it’s probably the unending exams. Yup, they come together. You eat tests for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and cry over your scores during snack times. Kidding (and sincerely wishing that that’s not the case). Though seriously, when you’re in medicine, taking assessments may seem as automatic as breathing.

Well, not this time, understandably; the Physician Licensure Exam is in a league of its own.


Right now, you’re staring at the screen, accompanied by…

1) stress that you have never felt before, and…

2) hope that reading this article will help you top that ranking.

But what should you really do the night before your medical board exam?

Our life vest: diligence

More than anything, a Pinoy med student depends on hours and hours of review sessions and hard work.

Though you do not know for sure which questions would show up in a typical departmental exam, you possess a certain degree of confidence built upon your mastery of the subject. (Of course, there are some, uh, extraordinary assessments that seem impossible no matter the amount of labor you put in… but you’re not here for that, wink.)


Should Pinoy med student exam do last-minute grind?

It’s the night before your special day, and you’re probably thinking of making some last-minute effort.

After all, at least once in our life, we have all snagged ourselves at least a point by crammed reading and skimming of relevant materials.

But the keywords here, it seems, are “at least”.

For an exam of great significance such as the Physician Licensure Exam, I’m sure that your preparations started neither an hour ago nor just yesterday– not even just last week.

This is because you’re not aiming for an “at least.”

After months of endless memorizations, tedious understanding, creating flashcards, and answering practice tests, you deserve a night to yourself.


The beauty of resting: Great idea for a Pinoy med student like you!

Now, don’t roll your eyes. The idea of working your butt off may seem attractive, but the benefits of resting may just bewitch you even more.

Time-offs are not just connected with multiple health merits. Rest itself is productive, too!

Months-worth of stress and anxiety can feel troublesome, and like our dearest Taylor Swift, you’d want to shake it off.

There are many ways to actively relax or passively ease up. You can opt to do peaceful yoga or moderately strenuous workouts.

Netflix is also someone you can turn to. Or you can just resort to our number one favorite pastime: sleep.

What Pinoy med student would not want their shut-eye? Hah.


Pinoy med student takeaway

Of course, it is not leisure itself that you are hesitant to take part in. Instead, it is the idea of failing and regret that stops you from pausing.

Though this article implores you to let go and reiterates that your productivity does not define your worth, it is ultimately better to do what gives you peace of mind.

Whatever it is you choose to do, it does not change the fact that you have already come far!

Remember, more importantly, that neither your score nor your rank will dictate your future.

To my dearest Pinoy med student and future doctor, best of luck.

Pinoy med student exam
You should avoid burning out the night before the exam
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