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Is Chemical Engineering a Medical School Preparation Program?

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chemical engineers pre-med course to medical school

Students interested in pre-medicine—or who are thinking about it—should consider a chemical engineering concentration. Expressions of interest are welcomed by the department, especially at the start of your decision-making process. We can discuss possible paths to medical school and how chemical engineering might fit into your aspirations.

Chemical engineers handle difficulties involving the usage of fuel, pharmaceuticals, food, and a variety of other items by applying chemistry, biology, physics, and arithmetic concepts. Almost all chemical engineers are full-time employees. They spend much of their time in offices or laboratories. They may spend time in industrial facilities, refineries, and other places, monitoring or directing operations or resolving onsite issues.


Is chemical engineering a good pre-med course in the Philippines?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry is a frequent prerequisite for medical school admission. The Chemical Engineering graduation class had a high number of students who went on to medical school.

ChemEng is also a fantastic pre-med and pre-law course if you change your mind. Chemical engineers have a diverse academic background, and because we took multiple economics classes, we can also be entrepreneurs. The compensation for a chemical engineer is reasonable.

Medical institutions are increasingly seeking students with non-traditional degrees. Chemical engineering degrees can help you stand out from the crowd and increase your chances of getting into medical school.


What to expect when taking this course?

Chemical engineering prepares you to analyze and develop complex systems ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturing to nanomaterials. A chemical engineering education will help you better understand the human body, which is an engineering marvel. You will learn how human organ functions have close analogs in process equipment, and you will gain an understanding of artificial organs.

ChemEng prepares you for a variety of fast-growing fields, including renewable energy, nanotechnology, food science, alternative fuel development, and many others. With a chemical engineering degree, you have a lot of options. Consider it a precautionary measure in case you decide that pre-med isn’t for you.


Do engineers make more money than doctors?

Specialist doctors only surpass engineers in lifetime earnings at the age of 45, despite having a starting salary more than three times that of an engineer. Engineers are already making six figures while future doctors toil away in medical school and residency.

According to Salary Explorer, In the Philippines, a Chemical Engineer earns around 41,000 PHP per month on average. Salaries range from 18,900 PHP to 65,200 PHP (lowest to highest). While a  Doctor / Physician typically earns around 105,000 PHP per month. Salaries range from 38,500 PHP (lowest average) to 177,000 PHP (highest average, the actual maximum salary is higher).


In medicine, how do Chemical engineers work?

Chemical engineering is a subset of engineering that studies the operation and design of chemical plants, as well as methods for improving production. Chemical engineers create cost-effective commercial processes for converting raw materials into valuable products.

Standard responsibilities are to design new processes, enhance current ones, lower manufacturing costs, and generate new products. Chemical engineers’ innovations are mirrored in medical advancements ranging from devices and imaging to drug delivery and manufacture.


The Recommendation

The medical school presents unique challenges, as the field is constantly changing and evolving. Before learning the big picture, we need to understand the fundamental concepts in science. This will help us understand more complicated topics. This emphasizes the importance of mastering the fundamental concepts in your undergraduate courses to be prepared for what comes next.

Although bioengineering is the most popular major among pre-med engineering students, students from all engineering disciplines apply to medical school. Being pre-medical requires careful planning for all engineering majors to meet all of the requirements for graduation and medical school.

chemical engineer turned doctor
Is Chemical Engineering a Medical School Preparation Program?
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