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Bacne 101: Types, Prevention, and Treatment

Treatment For Back Acne In the Philippines

Are you a Filipino suffering from back acne? Discover the best treatment for back acne to help clear your skin fast. The skin is the

the best dermatologist in the Philippines perform a medical acne removal procedure

How to Prevent Pimples By Filipino Dermatologists

Filipino teenagers are susceptible to developing pimples due to the combination of their natural oil production, the Philippine climate, and their lifestyles. Some of the

Jada Pinkett Smith hair loss, Alopecia medical condition, struggles of losing hair for females, Oscars 2022, The Academy Awards

Alopecia: Jada, Will & Chris at the Oscars

I will discuss my own experience with Alopecia which is also a medical condition of Jada Pinkett Smith. I watched the Oscars the other day,

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19 Cosmetic Dermatology Trends in 2022

The field of cosmetic dermatology is constantly evolving, with new treatments and products becoming available all the time. In this article, we’ll take a look