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5 Reasons Filipino Pre-Medical Students are Rejected From Med School

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A common mistake of Filipino pre-medical students is getting caught in the same pitfalls that so many premeds fall into.

Med school is not a walk-in-the-park kind of situation but definitely worth the sacrifice.

Regardless of your premed courses (MedTech, Pharmacy, Biology, RadTech et al.), be wise when choosing your future medical training ground.

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Here are a few points to look out for that may cut you some slack.


GPA and NMAT scores

Filipino pre-medical students often hear these NMAT scores as the “leader of the band” when considering med school. Some highly regarded academic marks before accepting students. It’s undeniable that mental sharpness is a big plus.

Let’s face the truth, these two act like the “first impressions” in your credentials to determine your “Pass or Fail” slot, so don’t take them lightly and build a foundation while you’re still in pre-meds.

Others disregard it as a significant point to check but stand your ground. They may have been lucky with the low scores but don’t just settle in luck.

As they say, come prepared in a battle, your grades are your weapons.

On the other hand, success stories of Filipino pre-medical students with low NMAT and GPA still yielded victory in the end.

Either way, you have to be realistic when needed—Aim high.


Settling for the bare minimum

What makes you stand out from the others? When you settle to what’s required of you, then you must be a typical med school applicant. Nothing wrong with being ordinary but try to challenge yourself to achieve more.

Standard medical school requirements exist but accomplishing them is not a golden ticket to your dream school. Try to incline more to what you are passionate about and cultivate it. The earlier you realize this, the less you will be rejected.

Medicine is not just about one thing. It’s a holistic aspect that med school panelists will look for. If you focus on one perspective, then you’re definitely lost. Think long-term and out of the box.

Wrong or Fewer school choices for Filipino pre-medical students

The more entries, the more chances of winning.  Medical school hunting is a headache, but it’s not about the rush. Consider both the quality and the quantity of schools you apply to.

Attending schools that mismatch your goals could be as bad as not passing at all. While applying to very few may mean that you won’t be in med school that year. Extra factors to consider are the location, class size, and goal statement.

Solely from a financial standpoint, the medical school application cycle is likely to benefit you. Each is an expensive ordeal but worth the shot.


Awful advice for Filipino pre-medical students

One of the most influential factors to fail is seeking advice from incompetent people or irrelevant mediums.

Now that everything is one click away via the internet, we tend to check for reviews or discussions online. Indeed, they are beneficial; however, who the hell are these reviewers? Fact Check! You don’t want random know-it-all types of people to affect your decisions.

We need experts in this field. Grab explanations and opinions from credible ones. You never know where you’re heading; you might as well rule out other nuisance, in this case, terrible advice.

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Med School Rejection. Source Herald Tribune

Medical interview preparation sucked

Didn’t Prepare Enough? Interviews are one of the last hurdles between you and medical school. Therefore, it’s critical that you prepare well.

Familiarize the most typical interview questions. Practice the manner you want to convey yourself. However, keep in mind that your response should be well-thought-out while being conversational. You don’t want to come across as though you’re reciting a script.

An interviewer has the right to ask about anything. They will, without a doubt, scrutinize you. Similar to applying for a job, medical school interviews can make or break the whole application.

As you see, it all comes down to preparation. It’s not always about intelligence but diligence. Good luck on the journey. You got this, Filipino pre-medical students!


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