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Do Filipino Medical Technology Students Have Free Time?

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The Answer is Yes! So with the question, “Will they have enough free time as Filipino medical technology students or medical laboratory science interns?” Yes, Absolutely!

With the given time schedules for lecture and laboratory classes, you need to set your priorities. You might have less free time during the internship, especially if you have night duties since you have to get your zzZZ’ss during the day.

Although on some days, instead of sleeping all day, you still need to attend your scheduled seminar classes.

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Which year will I have more free time?

In the first two years, Filipino medical technology students must be able to pass their minor subjects, as they are pre-requisites for the major subjects in the 3rd year.

The first two years give you more free time but not absolutely. It does not necessarily mean there is less to do because once you fail any of your minor subjects, you will more likely encounter delays in getting your major subjects. That’s why, even at the start, Studying Hard and Studying Smart go hand in hand.

How should Filipino medical technology students spend their free time?

Filipino medical technology students must take a break or have a Kitkat. Simply having a break from doing your usual chores during your college days is the best thing you can do. By spending your free time doing the things you enjoy the most, you gain stress reliever from your studies.

You can watch your favorite movies or binge-watch on series, go to the mall with your friends, listen to your type of tunes, read your novels, play games, etc. It depends on your likes or preferences.


How can Filipino medical technology students have more free time?

To be a full-time regular medical technology student with no back subjects, you will have to spend less of your free time in extracurricular activities. However, most Filipino medical technology students do not have this luxury.

You will most likely be reviewing during your breaks between your classes because of upcoming quizzes/tests or completing your laboratory manuals/thesis.

Do not put too much pressure on yourself, though, because you will tend to be more stressed out by focusing on everything you need to learn or comply with.

Time spent studying of Filipino medical technology students

Numerous average Filipino medical technology students do a good amount of learning outside of class.

There’s simply no other option. You can’t survive or retain enough to pass only by attending things and not actively studying. Schedule well, though – and be disciplined – and you should have plenty of time free to do what you want.

It might mean waking up earlier than usual or going to bed late.


Pinoy MedTech students should have fun?

Don’t go with the pretense that you’ll be having fun all hours of the day. Remember too that it’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed.

Don’t overindulge too much in the fun side of life at your work and career expense. It’s essential to strike a balance. I know that Filipino medical technology students really know how to party. But it is essential to balance life, work, studies, and family.

Final Thoughts: Filipino medical technology students

Setting priorities is one of the significant deals in managing time and efforts to be well-spent. Having a proper mindset will save you from unnecessary things or events that will derail you in completing your tasks or putting effort into your studies.

Hopefully, this article will give you a glimpse of what it’s like to be a Pinoy MedTech student in terms of time – whether getting serious or having fun.

Also, students taking up medical technology – being in line with science – is an excellent Pre-Med course should they wish to take Medicine as their lifelong career.


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