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MedTech Job Interview: 5 Simple Questions But Difficult to Answer

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These are simple MedTech job interview questions that you may take for granted. You will surely mumble and gabble during the interview if you do not practice your answers. So here are some valuable tips for Medical Technologists.

Medical Technologist Preview

A Medical Technologist (also known worldwide as Medical Laboratory Technologist, Medical Laboratory Scientist, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, or Laboratory Technician) is a healthcare professional who specializes in the analysis of onboard blood and other body fluids.

These healthcare professionals are trained to be knowledgeable in manual and automated tasks in different sections of the laboratory. Needing to multitask and work with other people, certain sets of skills are sought after by employers.

Interviews can be nerve-wracking. The uncertainty of questions can catch anyone off guard, which can lead to unsatisfactory results. In interviews, practice makes perfect, and knowledge is power.

Make sure to do your research about your job title/description and your employer. Here are some of the questions you will most likely encounter during an interview and how to answer them with style and confidence.


MedTech job interview question no. 1:

The simple “Tell me about yourself.”

This question suddenly makes you wonder if you actually know yourself.

Your brain blacks out, and it’s like there’s nothing to describe at all! Fear not. The first thing to do is to tell them something that is not on your resume.

Don’t tell them where you graduated, your address, or your birthday!

They have it all on that teeny paper you gave them. Tell them something unique and fun about you! You can tell them about your hobbies or talents, aspirations, and goals in life. Try not to tell them anything on the melancholic scale.

MedTech job interview question no. 2:

“How do you manage a patient who is refusing to cooperate with your test or procedure?”

Patience is key! Being in the medical technology field, patience truly is a virtue.

Tell them about your communication skills and your ability to stay calm.

If they insist on a patient being irritated, you can tell them about the proper escalation of events to your seniors or chiefs.


MedTech job interview question no. 3:

“How do you handle emergency situations when the analyzer is down?”

In other words, how do you handle stress and workload? It’s easy to say that you work well under pressure, but it is better to describe how you would do it.

Staying calm and being able to prioritize is the answer that they would want to hear.

Also, adding your knowledge to your employer’s emergency protocols will come in handy.

MedTech job interview question no. 4:

“What Can You Contribute to this Company?”

Another question that can make you panic internally.

Try your best not to! Take a deep breath, and then organize your skills in your head.

Being a professional who carries a specific set of skills for the job is your contribution.

The cheat code for this is to simply look at your employer’s duties and responsibilities and then craft them into your current skills.

Don’t tell anybody I said that!


MedTech job interview question no. 5:

“Do You Have Any Questions for Us?”

Most would feel shy about this part, but this is actually a great way to show interest and enthusiasm.

You can start by asking more about the company (if they haven’t been mentioned yet so far).

Employee scale, locations, and also about the people you will be working with.

It is also an opportunity to discuss and negotiate! You can freely ask about your employee benefits, work schedule, payout schedules, and whatnot.

This actually shows them your interest in your work.

Are you still here? You should be working!

After reviewing all these possible questions, you will most definitely get that job you’re aiming at.

We wish you all the best in your journey as a medical technologist. Break a leg!

medical technologist, job search, recruitment, health care, interview
MedTech Job Interview





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