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Dating a Female Medical Technologist? Why Not!

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Why date a Female Medical Technologist? Here is the truth about having a potential relationship with MedTech professionals.

Medical Technologists are one of the few most professional persons you’ll encounter at least once in your life–unless you’ve never had blood drawn or passed urine for Urinalysis–which I doubt.

Despite their solemn and diplomatic demeanor, these Medical Technologists can be as quirky as Willy Wonka or as mysterious as the Joker from “The Dark Knight.”

They possess specific characteristics that make them ideal dating or, perhaps, life partners.

Have you ever pondered what makes them stand out from the usual when it comes to dating? What is it that Medical Technologists have in common?


Honesty and Integrity

A specimen has been delivered. Regardless of the patient’s economic condition, nature, or history, the Female Medical Technologist articulately examines the specimen and provides the results with complete confidence and honesty.

This demonstrates their sincerity and integrity, which are critical qualities in dating.

As Dr. Lisa Firestone, a love lecturer in one of PsychAlive’s online posts, said, “The ideal partner strives to live a life of integrity so that there are no discrepancies between words and nature; being open and honest in our most intimate relationships means really knowing ourselves and intentions.”

Keen to details

It’s also nice to have a date who remembers everything about you, from your favorite color, band, or movie to your dislikes. It’s in the nature of a Female Medical Technologist to be meticulous or detail-oriented.

You’ll be amazed when he or she buys or presents you something you like, even if you never informed him about it—he just noticed it!


Female Medical Technologist with a Sense of Humor

“Do MedTech professionals and students have a sense of humor?” They certainly do!

They are the happiest healthcare workers you’ll ever encounter, despite their severe and timid appearance, not to mention their fondness for “green jokes,” which will undoubtedly surprise anyone who thinks they have it in them.

They definitely have the ability to make you smile and laugh (even with daddy-kind-of-jokes).


Medical technologists are also said to be skilled at groping and inserting (talking about locating the vein and inserting needles; it depends on how you think).

Isn’t it compelling to imagine that, as excellent as they are at inserting needles, they may also be good sexual partners in terms of “groping” and “inserting”?

They have a gentle touch whenever they handle every patient, and they are most likely gentle in bed as well!


“Female Medical Technologist is a Good Catch”

Medical Technologists’ dating and love partners usually say they’ve got a “good catch.”

Every time they were asked about the perks of having a Female Medical Technologist partner, they would often answer these five things:

  1. “I can frequently reassure myself that I’m in good health.” (Because they can examine my body samples!)
  2. “They know what my lab findings signify in some way.”
  3. “They are persons who people look up to because they are diplomatic and professional.”
  4. “They are often the nicest people you will ever meet, and they are extremely sympathetic and understanding.”
  5. “They have a basic understanding of the human body and how it works. They can even perform seminal analysis, which is a sensually stimulating procedure.”

The “Cons”

Despite all of the pros of dating a Female Medical Technologist, there are also some drawbacks.

For example, they have “controlled” time (because healthcare settings are naturally very busy); Another factor is that they are frequently exhausted. (Again, because of the day’s workload.)

However, these issues can be easily rectified and discussed—-the good things still outweigh the bad.

medtech, filipino, philippines, pinoy, medical technology, love life, Female Medical Technologist
Will you date a medical health worker?

Why not try a Female Medical Technologist?

Dating and relationships may be too broad, and perceptions and preferences may range from person to person; nonetheless, dating a Female Medical Technologist might be one of your most significant decisions as you learn more about how committed these individuals are.

If they can dedicate themselves to their work and serve as positive role models in the community, they can undoubtedly do the same in dating.

Why don’t you give it a go and date one?

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