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Demotivated Pinoy Nurses: 3 Quotes To Inspire

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You had enough!!! Are you one of the demotivated Pinoy nurses out there, risking your life every single day? Read on!


We all have life goals and inspirations that keep us motivated as Pinoy nurses. As nurses, we have our ups and downs, and I believe all can relate to that burnt-out feeling that may lead to several health issues and severe mental problems.

We began with the goal of earning a degree, passing the boards, and pursuing a rewarding nursing career in the country and even abroad.

All of your efforts and even the large sums of money spent on tuition and other academic requirements will be worthwhile once you pass the licensing exam and begin working at a reputable healthcare institution.

You will receive extensive training and experience to help you become a more effective nurse. But, in the context of a global pandemic, what happens when a nurse begins to fall behind in his dreams and feels demotivated?


Demotivated Pinoy Nurses – A Perilous Job

Healthcare is a field in which people’s lives are on the line. So it’s no surprise that Pinoy nurses are the healthcare system’s backbone.

They provide the most fundamental but critical care to patients in various settings, ranging from community clinics to hospitals. The job requires a wide range of skills, including diagnostic and technical abilities.

Being a nurse is both a rewarding and challenging profession. Helping and caring for those in need can be fulfilling work in the right environment.

Working in the wrong environment, on the other hand, can be highly demotivating. For example, it is natural to feel unenthusiastic when working in a hospital where staff shortages are so severe that demotivated Pinoy nurses are forced to work long hours.

Quotes that will motivate the front-line heroes of medical hospitals

Here are some practical and motivational quotes for demotivated Pinoy nurses to perk up the mood and bring back the spirit of selfless service they have sworn under oath.

1. “Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.”

This excellent quote by Wayne Huizenga gives a reflective and definite justification between planning your goals and executing these goals to make them happen.

Many people lack the resources and the mere chances of becoming nurses. They dream big, yet they fail to execute and beat the odds due to these factors that hinder their success.

So if you are blessed to become a nurse and land the dream job you aimed for, get up and hustle with a heart. Not all people are given a chance to become one. There are aspiring Pinoy nurses out there who dreamed of your dream job, yet they are sadly “handicapped” by poverty and other life problems.

Philippines nurses, medical worker, health care Filipino, Demotivated Pinoy Nurses
Demotivated Pinoy Nurses… Keep the Faith Alive. Source Health Media Academy

2. “Today’s accomplishments were yesterday’s impossibilities.”

Robert H. Schuller made a rational thought to ponder our achievements in life. Pinoy nurses have gone to extreme conditions to attain their title. Even they are demotivated Pinoy nurses working straight shifts for 5 days.

Truth be told, all those sleepless nights during exams, the tight deadlines of academic and internship requirements to get a degree, and the anxiety brought about by the licensure examination truly made them a paragon of resilience and hard work.

So if you feel like losing the grip, remember how you started. Think of all the challenges you braved for you to get there. Think of your family, your friends, your special someone who rooted for your success.

3. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

This quote by Herman Cain speaks a resounding truth. We all want to be happy. And we all want to be successful. But have you ever considered the connection between happiness and success?

Apparently, happiness is one of the vaguest emotions to define and express. It’s a feeling and a state of being that we chase after to make ourselves feel better. Some may believe that being happy is a secret weapon for success in the field of nursing.

When we think of successful and happy people in their careers, we often think of doctors, lawyers, and entrepreneurs. But nurses who find fulfillment through nursing see a rewarding career that offers many opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Although others are unsatisfied with the compensation system, nursing professionals abroad earn vast amounts of income and are likewise happy.


Takeaway for Demotivated Pinoy Nurses

In light of these motivational quotes, we all have our source of inspiration and why we need to stay focused on our goals.

For those demotivated Pinoy nurses, I highly suggest that you reflect on these quotes and listen to your inner voice.

It’s okay to take a rest and come back stronger the next day.

Today more than ever, the world won’t be the same without you all.


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