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Healthy Drinks for Kids that Filipino Parents Should Know

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Why Filipino Parents Give Unhealthy Drinks to their kids, juices, soda, milkshakes, sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, preservatives, artificial coloring, energy drinks

Are you tired of your kid drinking unhealthy drinks, ultra-sweet milk tea, “sago at gulaman” and sodas? Do you know how to prepare healthier drinks for your kids at home?

Drinks for kids are often the same drinks that Filipino parents consume, which may not be ideal.

Drinking water is still the number one drink you can give your child to keep them healthy and hydrated. From helping their body absorb nutrients to keeping their skin clean and dry, it’s essential to know how to teach your child what to drink.

But water can be boring for kids, right?

You can prepare delicious homemade drinks using natural ingredients like pure coconut water, natural fruit juice, rice milk, and probiotic yogurt. Let your children enjoy their favorite juices and milkshakes without the added sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, preservatives, and artificial coloring. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Enough of the soft drinks, sago at gulaman, and milk teas. Let’s introduce healthy drinks for your kids.

Best Healthy Drinks for Pinoy Kids

Here are 8 healthy drinks for kids that Filipino parents should give their children.


There are many benefits to drinking water for kids. Water provides all the essential nutrients for the growth and development of children. Besides, water helps digestion, relieves constipation, keeps skin healthy, reduces swelling in the body, strengthens bones, regulates blood pressure, and prevents kidney stones.

If you want to help your kids develop a healthy lifestyle, why not start with their water intake? Drinking water daily is one of the easiest ways to ensure they get adequate nutrition and hydration.


Infused Water

Naturally flavored or infused water is one of the healthy drinks for kids that are also suitable for adults. The naturally flavored water has various types like mineral water, vitamin water, etc.

These naturally flavored water are ideal for kids, as they have less sugar and preservatives. Some of the naturally flavored water has added flavors made from fruit juice, herbs, and vegetables, which are healthy for the whole family.


Coconut Water

One of the healthy drinks for kids is coconut water. Coconut water has various health benefits for kids. It helps keep the body hydration, and it also contains essential nutrients for kids.

Coconut water is a good drink for kids as it has minimal calories and sugar, and the potassium present in it is also helpful to control blood pressure. It is also considered a healthy beverage to drink during pregnancy. So the baby inside the tummy stays healthy!



One of the healthy drinks for kids is Electrolytes. Kids need to consume this drink regularly to stay hydrated. They should be provided with drinks rich in electrolytes so that they do not suffer from muscle cramps or convulsions. This is because children have small kidneys that cannot filter out all the minerals present in the body. This makes them susceptible to dehydration. This is a pervasive problem among children, and one needs to keep a close eye on their drinking habits. When the fluid level in the body drops, then it results in several health problems.

Electrolytes are salts that provide structure to cells. They are essential in maintaining good health, especially if you are working out or exercising. You can also be exposed to water intoxication if you don’t consume enough electrolytes.


Fresh Fruit Smoothies

One of the healthy drinks for kids is fresh fruit smoothies. This tip will benefit you if you want to know how to make them with a blender or hand mixer.

Fresh fruit smoothies are a great way to get your child’s daily intake of fruits and veggies! The vitamins and minerals in fruits help boost energy and keep your little one’s body healthy.

Below are some healthy smoothies that Filipino kids will enjoy!


Vegetable Juices

One of the healthy drinks for kids is vegetable juices. It is made from fresh fruits and vegetables blended to make it safe and nutritious for children. This juice is very healthy because it contains lots of vitamins and minerals. It also contains fiber. All these things make this drink very beneficial. It helps prevent obesity and improves digestion.

A simple and delicious way to get your kids to drink their vegetables is to mix them into fresh fruit smoothies!



Milk (unsweetened) is a great drink to start your kid’s day with because it is low in calories and fat. It also has protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, and zinc, essential nutrients for kids. Your children will love it.

Milk contains many essential nutrients for kids. These include calcium, protein, vitamin D, and essential fats. Many of these nutrients are vital for healthy growth and development. Milk also provides the best source of energy for growing children.


Plant-Based Milk

One of the healthy drinks for kids is plant-based milk or vegan milk. Plant-based milk is an alternative to cow milk. They are milk that does not contain any animal products. It has many advantages over cow milk. Some of the benefits of drinking plant-based milk for your kids are:

  • No lactose in it.
  • You can choose from different flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc.
  • It contains vitamin D, calcium, and protein.


How Can Filipino Parents Prepare Healthy Drinks for their Children?

Be creative. Give each child their favorite drink. They will be proud, and you will be pleased when you see their smiles.

Make it fun! Mix up the flavors. For example, stir in different types of fruit to give them their unique taste.

Try the recipes in this article. You will feel good knowing that your children get all the nutrients they need.

Conclusion: Healthy Drinks for Filipino Kids

The benefits of promoting healthy drinks to your kids are endless. Concocting healthy drinks is best enjoyed if the entire family prepares and drinks them. When preparing healthy drinks, ensure that there are no preservatives, no added sugar, or harmful synthetic flavors.

Water is still the best healthy drink for Pinoy kids.

Healthy Drinks for Kids that Filipino Parents Should Know - Medical Trends Now Philippines, Water, Naturally Flavored Water, Coconut Water, Electrolytes, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, Vegetable Juices
Healthy Drinks for Pinoy Kids
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