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Tips on Finding a Qualified Skin Disease Specialist

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There are different types of skin conditions. However, living with HS can be challenging and cause severe pain and suffering. But choosing the best doctors early can help you to manage the skin condition early, making a significant difference.

What is hidradenitis suppurativa?

This skin condition causes lumps in places like the groins and armpits. The skin lesions grow because of inflammation and the infection of your sweat glands. They are painful, and they can grow bigger and have pus. This happens when the skin rubs together under the buttocks, groin, or armpits.

Some of the symptoms include:

  • Painful pea-sized lumps: This disease causes pea or marble-sized lumps under your skin. It starts with a small, painful lump. It can persist for weeks and sometimes a month. Later, more bumps might develop, especially in areas with oil and sweat glands and where your skin rubs together.
  • Blackheads: This is another sign. Blackheads develop in some areas of your skin and appear in pairs.
  • Sores and leaking bumps: They also get bigger, break, and they produce pus that smells bad.
  • Tunnels: With time, tunnels may occur under your skin, joining the lumps. The wounds take time to cure. Some don’t heal. They also produce blood and pus.

Although the leading cause of HS is unknown, it might be a genetic predisposition, smoking, hormones, or being overweight. It is important to note that this infection does not happen because one is unclean. Also, it cannot spread to others.

There are also risk factors that can expose you to developing this condition, including;

  • Statistics have shown that females are more likely to develop this condition than males.
  • People in their 20s are at risk of developing this condition compared to those in their 30s.
  • Family history. This condition can be inherited. Also, race might increase your risk level. Black people are more predisposed.
  • Certain diseases. This condition is common and severe in people that are overweight. It is also associated with arthritis, diabetes, acne, inflammatory bowel, or metabolic syndrome illnesses.
  • If you love smoking, you are more likely to develop this condition.
dermatologist, dermatology, skin, medical equipment
Tips on Finding a Qualified Skin Disease Specialist

Getting treatment early is essential. You will manage the symptoms early and prevent new abscesses and boils from developing. Visit your dermatologist regularly to manage and keep this condition under control. Treatment is available. However, it may work for some patients. The type of treatment you get depends on what stage of the HS at the time of diagnosis. However, each stage requires a different treatment.

Mild cases can easily be treated from home. Use warm compresses, and keep your skin clean and dry. Use antibacterial antiseptics and soaps. Also, use anti-inflammatory medicines. Avoid wearing tight clothes and ensure that they are made of natural fabrics. Keep a healthy weight. This is because when you’re overweight, this causes friction, irritating the skin. You will also experience excessive sweating. This combination can easily cause HS flare-ups.

Daily medication helps to prevent advancement to the next stage. Your dermatologist can recommend a variety of solutions. This includes antibiotics for the skin if it’s a mild case. Also, take antibiotics if the infection is in a wide area. Dermatologists can inject steroids directly into the sores to reduce inflammation and swelling; also, anti-inflammatory drugs help by reducing swelling. Find hidradenitis suppurativa treatment online or get over-the-counter pain relievers. Biologics help to alter your immune system, which can stop the cycle and improve the symptoms within weeks.

The doctor can recommend surgery for severe cases, especially if you have abscesses and tunnels.

How do you find a qualified skin specialist to help you manage and treat this condition? This article has explained are helpful tips to guide you in finding the best doctor.

  1. Research online

The first step in finding a qualified doctor is checking online.

There are different hidradenitis suppurativa treatment online websites and directories that can help you find a specialist in your area. Check the local hospitals and medical centers to see whether they have doctors specializing in this condition. Check reviews and ratings provided by other patients.

  1. Referrals 

Ask your primary care doctor or dermatologist for referrals. These people can recommend an expert to provide the necessary care. Also, ask your close friends and family for recommendations.

  1. Check qualifications 

When searching for a competent skin treatment doctor, check their credentials. The doctor must be board-certified in plastic and dermatology. Ensure they have experience in treating HS.

  1. Schedule an interview

Once you have your list, organize a consultation meeting with your doctor. Learn about their skills and expertise in treating skin conditions. Inquire about their successful history. Also, ask about their approach to pain management and how they work with their patients to manage their symptoms.

  1. Cost

Lastly, discuss the cost. The amount you’ll pay for HS treatment may differ. It depends on how severe your condition is and the approach used by your doctor. Remember to advocate for yourself, and don’t hesitate to ask questions or seek a second opinion. With the right HS treatment doctor, you can take control of your condition and live your best life.

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